Riding Grace: A Triumph of the Soul Silver Light Publications, February 2007) by Alissa Lukara serves as a testament to hope, resilience and courage. This poetic and powerful memoir inspires us all to dive deep into our own shadow to find and express the love and compassion at our core. A roadmap to heal illness and trauma, it also helps us face what is, set down our burdens of damage and give voice to the call of our souls.

Riding Grace chronicles Alissa Lukara’s no-holds-barred 12- twelve year quest to find redemption from a debilitating, presumably incurable illness, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, rooted in the trauma of childhood sexual, physical and emotional abuse. In her raw descent into the dark night of the soul, she renders the unspeakable in a bold, lyrical voice. She learns to accept the unacceptable and open to miracles, healing and grace.

Hers is a true heroine’s journey for the 21st century.  Lukara explores uncharted frontiers of healing and realms of existence and navigates the void where life and identity “as she knew them” go bust. She breaks through denial, upends ancestral patterns, and bravely looks truth in the face. Then, she dares to speak that truth to her family, friends and the world. With forgiveness, compassion and poetic vision, she embraces the larger meaning and purpose of her journey and finds grace.

“…Eventually, I fall into and embrace life as it is. I stop pushing my precious life away, even when it’s full of suffering…This is who I am. This is who I’ve become on this journey. And always, always, as I embrace what is, small and large miracles of help and perspective eventually come.”

– From Riding Grace

  Copyright © 2006-2010 Alissa Lukara. All rights reserved. Designed by John Coughenour of LightWerx Media.