“Alissa Lukara takes us on a ‘tell it like it is’ odyssey to the other side of the suffering. In reaching the light at the end of the tunnel of abuse and illness, she offers us the gift of grace.”

Naomi Judd, legendary country singer-songwriter
and author of Love Can Build A Bridge

“Alissa Lukara’s inspiring story reveals the power of a human being to transcend severe traumas and claim an authentic purposeful life.”

Susan Jeffers, Ph.D., author of Feel the Fear
and Do It Anyway and Life is Huge!

“A strong, triumphant account of one woman’s healing process from chronic fatigue syndrome and incest.”

Laura Davis, author of The Courage to Heal
and I Thought We’d Never Speak Again

“Alissa’s powerful personal story told with deep insight, truth, and vulnerability is an inspiration to us all. Her compelling journey of courage is a healing salve for the soul.”

Judith Wright, author of There Must Be More Than This:
Finding More Life, Love, and Meaning by Overcoming
Your Soft Addictions
and The One Decision

“Alissa Lukara's account of her recovery from the horror of childhood abuse and illness transcends literary categories. An astonishing memoir, it blends poetry with practicality, a cosmic vision with suspense. Above all, it is a testament to the power of the human soul.”

Molly Best Tinsley, author of Throwing Knives, winner of the
Oregon Book Award
and the Sandstone Prize, and first
professor emerita in the History of the Naval Academy

“For every moment of pain experienced in her life, Alissa Lukara offers us the gift of many hours of enlightenment, healing, and pure joy in Riding Grace. The words she spills forth are riveting: so raw they make us cringe, and in the next breath, so inspired we want to sing. She addresses the gut-wrenching subject matter in a way that will help us all find the hope and grace this book offers.”

Jan Goff-LaFontaine, author of Women in Shadow and Light: Journeys
from Abuse to Healing
and Reflections—Between the Lines

“Reading Riding Grace is like watching a lotus emerge out of murky waters. It emerges, not in one dramatic gesture, but in stages; a stem, a leaf, a petal. This book is an inspiration to anyone seeking deep healing.”

Jacqueline Kramer, author of Buddha Mom: The Path of Mindful
and 10 Spiritual Practices for Busy Parents

“Alissa Lukara embarks on a journey to heal herself from the crippling effects of sexual abuse and chronic fatigue syndrome. The adventure leads not only to physical and emotional healing, but to a union with the truest healer, the divine love that is each of us. Her willingness to share her experience is an inspiration for anyone dealing with the remnants of abuse or struggling with a chronic illness and a profound gift to all who wish to integrate body, mind and soul. Thank you Alissa!”

Lyn Mayo, MSW, EdD, a specialist in abuse psychotherapy,
and author of The Wave: Flowing As Essence

“In Riding Grace: A Triumph of the Soul Alissa Lukara reveals herself as a modern day heroine, leading the way for others to brave the journey of personal healing and ultimately showing that it can be done.”

Darlene Montgomery, author of Conscious Women
Conscious Lives
and Dream Yourself Awake

“I love Riding Grace. Alissa Lukara’s story, her writing and who she is are powerful, inspiring and wise. I will share this book with others who face adversity.”

Robin Rose, MD


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