Life Challenges:
Welcome to Life Challenges, the past CyberCenter for Living Creatively with Life's Challenges.

After 11 years of service as a nonprofit organization, we lost the majority of our funding. As a result, effective as of late December 2009, we have discontinued our work as a nonprofit and the resources of the Life Challenges website.

Thank you for your interest all these years. We treasure the connections we have made with millions of people all over the world and the opportunity to be of service.

May you know peace, joy, inner strength and clarity on your life's journeys. Blessings to all.
--With gratitude and appreciation, Alissa Lukara, Founder and President of Life Challenges and author of Riding Grace: A Triumph of the Soul (Silver Light Publications)

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The idea for Life Challenges came to Alissa Lukara one winter morning in 1998 at 4 a.m. She was emerging from a long period of dealing with life-altering challenges. Facing them had transformed her perspectives and relationships, and taught her as much about living fully, compassionately and creatively as about handling adversity.

During those pre-dawn hours, Alissa thought about all the other people who were waking up in emotional pain--and wanted to let them know they were not alone. The idea for Life Challenges and its website, which was to provide guidance that people everywhere could access anytime, unfolded in an instant. The articles and tools she chose focused on the growth and transformation she found inherent in challenges and topics reflected the lessons and core issues she had learned on her own healing journey.

The Website. Over the years, the Life Challenges website grew to 800 pages of inspirational articles, self help and resources by well-known human potential leaders, writers, healing practitioners and individuals facing challenges. It offered a beacon of light in the darkness for millions of people in 110 countries and was translated into several languages. These included nations traumatized by war, such as Serbia and Afghanistan, and countries where mental health support or transformational resources were not readily available or had a stigma attached to them. Here are a few examples:

  • A woman in Florida read the whole site during a period of severe challenges and shared it with family and friends in Canada and India. Another in Serbia described how enriched she was by the site and shared it with counselors dealing with the trauma and depression rampant in her country. A young man in India used Life Challenges to find the resilience to go on after his wife's death. A woman in Afghanistan was introduced to concepts of transformation on Life Challenges that opened her up to new potential and left her hungry for more.

  • Life Challenges was also used by people and students from the 150 challenge-and-inspiration-related websites, schools, discussion groups and blogs that linked to Life Challenges. They include the Muscular Dystrophy Association, American Chronic Pain Association, Association for Humanistic Psychology, Indiana, Kentucky and Mississippi State Universities and Missouri and Ipswich, Australia School Systems.
Updates. We regularly added new content and recommended books by renowned writers and every day people on topics including: coping with job and money challenges, grieving, finding joy and comfort, igniting creativity, surviving disaster, achieving success, facing illness, shifting codependency, and healing abuse. We also provided a regular newsletter.

Outreach. Life Challenges' president, Alissa Lukara, offered national and community outreach through conferences, media and teleconferences.
  • These included amongst others presenting Life Challenges' story and healing perspectives at National Children's Advocacy Center Conference on Preventing Child Sexual Abuse, National Women's Studies Association Annual Conference; on TV interviews for KRON-TV "Weekend Morning News" in San Francisco, KCAL-TV "People at Noon" in Eugene, OR; on radio interviews for "The Good Life" and "Global Healing" on Sirius Radio Network and on Dr. Bernie Siegel's show and in teleconferences for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome support groups.

  • The "Transcending Life Challenges" TV show featured interviews with authors, healing practitioners and individuals who had transformed adversity. The show won four awards as the most inspirational show on Rogue Valley Community Television in Southern Oregon.
Bottom line: During tumultuous times of change in individuals' lives, when all their foundations had gone bust, Life Challenges offered signposts of hope and inspiration.

Some Final Thoughts on Living Creatively with Life's Challenges

Alissa Lukara offers these final words: "For those of you still facing challenges, here's something key I'd like to share that I've learned. Please know that a wholeness exists in you even in the midst of adversity. There is a light in you even now. You may not be able to see it at the end of the tunnel, but it is in you. Right this moment. A wholeness that's untouched by what you're facing. Maybe it seems very small. Maybe you don't even believe it's there. But it is. If you take a moment to close your eyes, feel it there. That's the part of you that already knows how to face the challenge, that's already transformed it and learned from it. It's the part that will lead you to whatever other guidance you might need along the way. This in no way minimizes the challenge. It's just that this other piece exists simultaneously and is with you always. And no matter how alone you feel, know that you are not alone. Others feel as you do. If you believe in spirit or the power of love, these are with you always, along with the wholeness inside you."


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